Unveiling the Power of Gift Cards: 10 Market Statistics

Gift cards have become a prominent choice for gifting across Europe, shaping consumer behaviour and providing businesses with new opportunities. In this article, we present ten insightful statistics that shed light on the influence and potential of gift cards in the European market.

Rapid Growth

The European gift card market is projected to reach €49.2 billion by 2025, experiencing a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 12.3% from 2021 to 2025. (Source: Statista)

Preferred Gift Option

Gift cards are highly favoured among European consumers, with 67% stating that they prefer receiving a gift card rather than a physical gift. (Source: PwC)

Increased Purchase Intent

Around 54% of European consumers plan to purchase gift cards in the upcoming year, indicating a strong demand for these versatile gifting solutions. (Source: Prepaid International Forum)

Occasion-Driven Gifting

Special occasions like birthdays (43%) and holidays (39%) drive the majority of gift card purchases in Europe, followed by anniversaries (12%) and employee incentives (6%). (Source: Blackhawk Network)

Cross-Border Gifting

Approximately 38% of European gift card buyers have purchased gift cards from international retailers or brands, highlighting the growing trend of cross-border gifting. (Source: Epson)

Digital Dominance

Digital gift cards are gaining popularity, with 63% of European consumers preferring to receive digital or mobile gift cards over physical cards. (Source: PwC)

Mobile Redemption

Mobile-based gift card redemption is on the rise, with 41% of European consumers using their smartphones to redeem gift cards in stores or online. (Source: Blackhawk Network)

Corporate Gifting

In the corporate sector, 78% of European businesses utilise gift cards as employee rewards or incentives, offering a versatile solution for recognizing and motivating their workforce. (Source: Hawk Incentives)

Consumer Spending

On average, European gift card recipients spend 40% more than the value of their gift cards when making purchases, leading to increased revenue for retailers. (Source: Hawk Incentives)

Customer Acquisition

Gift cards attract new customers, with 60% of European consumers stating they would visit a new store or online retailer if they received a gift card for that specific brand. (Source: Blackhawk Network)

As these statistics demonstrate, gift cards wield significant influence in the European market, offering businesses ample opportunities for growth, customer acquisition, and increased revenue. By leveraging the growing popularity of digital gift cards, understanding occasion-driven gifting trends, and recognizing the importance of corporate gifting, businesses can tap into the immense potential that gift cards hold in the European landscape.