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01 Can I order one gift card?

Unfortunately, you can not order a single gift card. Giftgalor is created to serve business customers and sells gift cards only in bulk.


02 How can I place an order?

If you are a business customer, you can place an order by filling out the form on the gift card page or in the website's Contact section. You will get an email notification that we have received your request. 


03 What payment methods are available at Giftgalor?

You can pay for your order only in cryptocurrency. We accept Bitcoin, Ethereum, and USDT. You will receive payment details in the email after the confirmation of your order.


04 What is a Giftgalor Multicard, and how to redeem it?

This is a unique solution from Giftgalor. You can buy it and add it to the assortment of your store. A user buys this card, visits the Giftgalor website, chooses a desired gift card, and contacts our team. We help the user to redeem the Multicard for necessary gift cards. 

Warning! A user can choose the gift cards only within the limit of the Multicard. We cannot redeem the Multicard for gift card value exceeding the value of the Multicard. We are also unable to cashback the remaining card balance.


05 How can I become a partner of Giftgalor?

Please fill out the form on the Contacts page of our website. Our team will process your request and come back with a tailored solution.

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